Thin Brick Gallery

Our Thin Brick is real brick for interior walls, accents and splashguards


Thin Brick that harkens to the day when craftsmen built our country brick by brick.

Old School 8's

Back when a 2×4 was actually 2” x 4” and stone wasn’t colored concrete, brick were typically 8 inches in length. 

Traditional SawCut

Certain textures are impossible to duplicate during thin extrusion therefore some thin brick are sawed from full-size face-brick.  

Thin Products Brochure

Our veneers are real brick, just thinner for easy installation and more brick in your life.

DIY – Drab fireplace gets a brick makeover with Old School 8s

Even a classic 1960 Cape Cod home can benefit from some updating when the previous owners' remodeling just doesn’t match your taste. Here’s an example of a fireplace that got a more period-appropriate brick makeover using Old School 8s thin brick veneer. With a little...

Thin brick goes old school, bringing a brand new look to your projects

Thin brick veneer for walls and flooring has recently seen an increase in demand. Now, here’s a another direction: Old School 8s Paver Tiles take us back to the turn of the last century when brick was narrower. In 2019, Pine Hall Brick started producing eight Old...

Thin products open up a wide range of brick interior design options

Thin brick for brick interior applications was the game changer of 2019. Pine Hall Brick PaverTiles and ThinClad brick veneer manufacturing went up a couple notches this year with a dedicated production facility in our Madison, NC plant. Interior brick treatments have...

Interior brick projects for the DIYer

Interior brick projects? When you think of interior home improvements, brick might not come to mind. Think again.   Sure, facebrick is a bigger job than most DIYers want to tackle, but you can add  brick features to any home interior with several of new products....

Thin brick is in

You can never be too thin. The problem with interior designers, landscape architects, paver installers, brick masons and the like is that thin is sometimes hard to come by. Not talking diet and exercise here – talking bricks and a trend toward slimming them down. Thin...

Pro tip: It’s Easy to Install Thin Clad Interior Brick

Interior brick can easily be added to any home and you don’t need the skills of a mason to gain the beautiful results.Using ThinClad brick can turn just about any vertical surface into a highly durable and beautiful wall that’s great for defining sections of a home...

Thin Brick Shows Interior Design Versatility

Brick has been used as a building material for thousands of years but incorporating thin brick on the interior is a new way to use one of history’s most versatile building products. Wallpaper, paint and millwork are all ways of decorating interior walls but designers...