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Permeable pavers solve drainage issues and enhance the beauty of the Flagler College campus

Imagine being a college student, about right now, and imagine that you are slogging through another semester of calculus and you look up, through your dorm window, to see a campus covered in snow. It’s a good bet that you are counting the days until spring break. Now,...

Permeable pavers outperform porous concrete in snowy climate

Burlington, Vermont is a place where you can find dessert, manners and education: It’s the home of Ben and Jerry’s, the Emily Post Institute and three colleges – the University of Vermont, Burlington College and Champlain College. But more than that, it’s the Home...

Testing the water permeable capacity of clay pavers

This month, ASTM International, formerly the American Society of Testing and Materials, the organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials and products worldwide, announced a new testing standard to...

Annapolis discovers some of its past as it moves to a water permeable future

We’ve always known that StormPave® genuine clay pavers from Pine Hall Brick work well as a surface for a parking lot. But officials in Annapolis, Maryland, found that they efficiently drain rainwater from a 100-year storm,  help with archaeological research and can...

Florida town’s permeable paver installation wins national recognition

Sutton Park, the centerpiece of Palmetto, Florida, has earned a Gold Award from the Brick Industry Association’s annual Bricks In Architecture competition. The prestigious award recognizes architecture firm Moore2Design LLC, landscape architect Allison-Gause, builder...