Home builder Shaun Sidden, owner of Sidden Homes in Winston-Salem, NC,  knows building materials. He knows all about vinyl and ceramic floor tiles, but when he learned about new Pine Hall Brick Paver Tiles, he liked the idea and got some samples from his local supplier.

Home builder Shaun Sidden admires his new Beale Street PaverTile bath and laundry room job.

Paver Tiles are 1/2″ thick tiles cut out of existing Pine Hall Brick clay pavers. They come in any color or style of full-size paver that we make. With standard under layment, they provide a surface that’s every bit as durable as full brick pavers.

PaverTiles look great in bathroom

Sidden’s wife Becca went online to the Pine Hall Brick paver page and picked out Beale Street pavers for color and texture.

“We have young boys and this reflected the way we live,” said Ms. Sidden. “The Paver Tiles aren’t as slick as ceramic tiles.”

PaverTile laundry room

A tidy laundry room with a pocket door adjoins the first floor full bath.

Beale Street Paver Tiles, it was, and Sidden removed the old 30-year-old flooring and prepared the underlayment similarly to traditional tiles. His subcontractor used tile mastic and laid a herringbone pattern off of single string line down the middle of the floor. He’s an expert so he was able to lay the floor without spacers, but Sidden says spacers like used for ceramic tiles are a good idea if you’re a DIYer.

“Several friends have commented on how good it looks,” said Becca Sidden.


“The Paver Tiles feel warmer on your feet than ceramic!” said Sidden.

So is PaverTile installation a flooring job or a masonry job?

Sidden’s installer is a masonry expert and he described a process of using grout more like mortar in the spaces between the Paver Tiles. After the grout was applied, the mason came back with a tool to carefully smooth the grout and remove excess. But Sidden also says the product could be done by a tiler, with a little bit of learning curve.

group brushes

Sidden shows wire brushes he repurposed to put a finishing cleaning touch to the Paver Tiles after the grout was trimmed out.

sealer to use with PaverTiles

Sidden applied Sealer’s Choice Gold to the surface to make the Paver Tiles easier to clean.

As a builder, Sidden is very pleased with the ease of installation and the look of the finished job. He already has a client in mind—a farmer and outdoorsman in a rural county wants a rustic and durable floor for his foyer.

Since Paver Tiles can be made from any Pine Hall Brick paver, you can also choose any paver style, so a new interior brick floor can be elegant, too.

The Sidden’s newly remodeled bath/laundry room provides nifty household storage, a pleasant laundry space and a beautiful full bath for the family or guests.