Interior brick projects? When you think of interior home improvements, brick might not come to mind.

Think again.

ThinClad™ brick makes a fireplace makeover possible over a weekend.


Sure, facebrick is a bigger job than most DIYers want to tackle, but you can add  brick features to any home interior with several of new products. Each is a weekend (or two) project waiting to happen.

PaverTiles are as thick as ceramic tile, only they’re half-inch slices of real brick pavers that lay just as easily as tile. You can make any room have the look and feel of a beautiful patio. Think basement rec rooms, foyers, bathrooms, mudrooms, laundries, workshops, sunrooms, etc. They can go anywhere.

Here’s a mockup of a PaverTile™ floor in progress. Note the width and adhesive application and final mortar finish.

ThinClad brick turns any vertical surface into a brick wall. It adds beauty and depth to a once boaring, white wall with crown molding. It’s a practical solution for kitchen backsplashes and an aesthetic choice for partitions, accent walls and fireplaces. You get the look of true exposed brick on any reasonably secure wall.

Turn a kitchen counter area into a whole new home. ThinClad can work as a backsplash or, as shown here, an accent wall.

Interior Brick Projects: PaverTiles flooring

PaverTiles look great in bathrooms, laundry rooms, foyers, breezeways, basement rec rooms.

Putting down a PaverTile floor is not much different from laying any flooring. You’ll need a clean, level plywood underlayment. Then just run a chalk line to keep the pavers straight and set them in tile grout in a simple or fancy pattern—just like outdoor full-sized pavers.

Basically, just follow the same instructions for laying ceramic tile, only you’ll be leaving a half-inch gap between each paver edge. Once the paver pattern is in place, you fill in the gaps with grout and smooth them with a grout tool.

There’s one more step with PaverTiles and that’s an application of sealant, since brick is more porous than ceramic tile. It’s also less slippery, so it’s a good choice for a bathroom.
PaverTiles are appealing to designers, too, because they come in the same range of colors as our full-size pavers. We literally slice pavers into PaverTiles, so you’re getting genuine clay brick for your floors.


Interior Paver Projects: ThinClad applications


We checked in on Shaun Peterson’s open floor plan kitchen and living room to show how great interior brick can look. Peterson is a professional builder, but ThinClad installation can easily be a DIY project. In one snowy weekend you can turn a den into a ski lodge with a few brick accent walls.

The application is similar to PaverTiles, only vertical. Here’s a brief overview on a project. Here are complete instructions.

Unlike PaverTiles, our ThinClad brick product is molded, not cut. And you’ll probably want some corners to wrap around any edges. But ThinClad is real clay brick.



You can also dress up a plain fireplace with ThinClad. Once they’re installed it looks like a structural brick construction.

Of course, these are very durable additions to your home so you can probably expect some increased resale value. Plus, it’s new and unique. So you can make a beautiful statement and take all the credit.