About Pine Hall Brick

Since 1922 Pine Hall Brick has been a leader in the manfacture and product development of clay brick for home construction and paving.

Pine Hall Brick History

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Pine Hall Brick Mission Statement

Our Vision

We are a team dedicated to helping our customers fulfill their dreams, by providing quality brick products and unmatched service to make it easy for them to build beautiful homes and buildings.

Operating Principles

Our colors, our product quality, our packaging, and our delivery will be geared to satisfying our customers by eliminating their “on the job” and “in the wall problems.”

Our service will be the best in our local markets. We will be known as a company that is “Easy to do business with.”

We will maintain a safe working environment for our people, and be a positive asset in our communities.

We will strive to treat all our people fairly, involve them in decisions affecting their jobs, and encourage them to continue to learn and grow.


Brick is manufactured from earth, water and fire. It last centuries. And it’s even recyclable. 


Centuries-old craft meets automated precision  from blending, to extrusion to firing.


We supply builders and lanscapers with a wide ranging selection from our inventory and custom runs.


Few building products perform as beautifully as Pine Hall Brick. 

Pine Hall Brick Environmental Policy

Pine Hall Brick enjoys a long history of commitment to our employees, the communities where we operate, our customers and the environment. Since 1922, our policies, products and actions have been coordinated to harmonize with our natural surroundings including earth, water, and air.

Brick is mankind’s oldest manufactured building product. It’s made from natural clay shale, water and fire. Its sustainability is unmatched as brick graces some of the world’s oldest standing monuments including the Great Wall of China and the Basilica of Constantine. Virtually all the brick made since our inception is either still in its original use, recycled to other applications or recycled back to the earth which required no special handling. Brick is an inert product with virtually no emissions. The embodied energy used to produce brick (energy used to mine, manufacture and transport) is less than most common building materials including concrete, glass, steel, aluminum, wood, EIFS, and fiber cement according to the American Institute of Architects and the National Brick Research Center.

Most importantly, Pine Hall Brick is proud to meet or exceed all federal and state regulations regarding clean air standards and mining operations. We believe that it is important to treat our environment with care and preserve it for generations to come. We are committed to go beyond what is required and to be a good steward for “doing what is right”. 

In this light, our Environmental Policy is:

  • To meet or exceed all local, state & federal environmental regulations applying to any business segment in which we operate.
  • To continuously monitor and evaluate and improve the environmental impact of all plant & mining facilities.
  • To continuously monitor and invest in resources to lower the energy employed per brick manufactured.
  • To minimize any waste production throughout our business footprints and to develop consistent methods of recycling.
  • To aggressively respond to any environmental distress resulting from an operational malfunction.
  • To educate and empower employees to implement our environmental policies and objectives on a daily basis.
  • To provide customers “no cost” recycling options for jobsite brick waste returned to our facilities.

For more information on the sustainable nature of brick, view our document on sustainable brick.