Paver Tiles Gallery

Brick floors come inside or anywhere you need lower profile flooring with Paver Tiles. 

Old School 8's

Back when a 2×4 was actually 2” x 4” and stone wasn’t colored concrete, brick were typically 8 inches in length. 


Tumbled after firing to mimic the look and appeal of an antique reclaimed paver.  They are then cut down to 1/2″ tiles

Square Edge

Square-edge PaverTiles are 1/2″ tiles cut from our existing Square Edge Paver inventory.

Paver Brochure

Check out all the styles and colors in Pine Hall Brick genuine clay pavers.

Thin Products Brochure

Our veneers are real brick, just thinner for easy installation and more brick in your life.

Transform your interior with a brick floor using PaverTiles

Our new PaverTiles allow homeowners to have a true brick floor in just about any room in your home. In the past if homeowners wanted a brick floor, they had to install full thickness brick or clay pavers, but their size and weight made it next to impossible to remodel...

Paver Tiles create a beautiful and functional floor for bath and laundry room

Home builder Shaun Sidden, owner of Sidden Homes in Winston-Salem, NC,  knows building materials. He knows all about vinyl and ceramic floor tiles, but when he learned about new Pine Hall Brick Paver Tiles, he liked the idea and got some samples from his local...

Interior brick projects for the DIYer

Interior brick projects? When you think of interior home improvements, brick might not come to mind. Think again.   Sure, facebrick is a bigger job than most DIYers want to tackle, but you can add  brick features to any home interior with several of new products....

Thin brick goes old school, bringing a brand new look to your projects

Thin brick veneer for walls and flooring has recently seen an increase in demand. Now, here’s a another direction: Old School 8s Paver Tiles take us back to the turn of the last century when brick was narrower. In 2019, Pine Hall Brick started producing eight Old...

Interior and Exterior Rehab with Paver Tiles

Paver Tiles are real brick tiles. They're just thinner and designed for indoor flooring as well as certain exterior applications. They're a great choice for bathrooms because the surface is less slippery than ceramic or vinyl tiles. And it gives the room a warm rustic...