Brick Gallery

A wide range of colors in facebrick set us apart. Homeowners and builders choose Pine Hall Brick for aesthetics, performance and availability.

Old Brick House

Harkens to the day when craftsmen built our country brick by brick.

Authentic Tumbled

Tumbled in the manufacturing process to yield a random artisanal look.

Modern Antique

An innovation in color and texture for a beautiful American home.


We combine texture and warm coatings to give a beautiful, timeless look to your home.


Styles will come and go but these colors stand the test of time.


We utilize a state-of-the art mixing process.

Facebrick Brochure

Our most popular colors and styles in brick for planning your home. Take this to your builder!

A practical approach to selecting brick

Congratulations! If you are reading this, you’ve decided to build with brick. Great choice because it’s durable, safe, sustainable, maintenance free and above all, it’s beautiful. Now for the fun part, selecting brick for your new home. You will have a lot of choices...

How to pick the right brick and stone combination for your home

Picking the right brick and stone combination for your home can be an overwhelming process. There are so many colors of brick and stone that combinations can appear endless. This helpful three step guide walks you through the process of selecting the right stone for...

Choosing the right mortar color for your new home

If you're in the planning process of building a new brick home chances are you've spent hours poring over dozens of brick options, trying to find the right color for your house. One decision that often gets over looked is what mortar color to use.  80% of a wall...

Brick and Shutter Combinations

Brick and Shutters. In the past brick and shutter combinations were bound to a fairly limited mix of options that stuck with tradition. Red brick with black shutters, white brick with black shutters or earth tone brick with brown shutters. Lately architects have...