Thin brick veneer for walls and flooring has recently seen an increase in demand. Now, here’s a another direction: Old School 8s Paver Tiles take us back to the turn of the last century when brick was narrower.

In 2019, Pine Hall Brick started producing eight Old School 8s styles, each named for American icons from over 100 years ago: Hemingway, Capone, Speakeasy, Churchill, Chicago Reclaimed, Rich Mahogany, Jazz Hall and The Original.

Old School 8s give you a vintage look with modern manufacturing. These are made the same way our full-size bricks are molded. It’s one of the most durable paving materials you can find, and the colors won’t degrade because we fire our kilns at 2500 degrees and the colors go through a vitrification process and the colors are permanently burned into the product.

PaverTiles in standard size compared with Old School 8s

Old School 8s are half the width of traditional PaverTiles.


Half the width of traditional pavers (and only half an inch thick), Old School 8s Paver Tiles provide a unique alternative for exterior patios and walkways over concrete slabs. As with all our Paver Tiles, these are perfect for interior applications enabling new creativity with patterns.

An intricate basketweave pattern is possible with Old School 8s.

If you really love Old School 8s, you can keep going up a wall, because they perform well as veneer for accent walls, splash guards and around a fireplace.

Paver Tiles are more versatile when you add a sealant, either in natural (similar to a satin polyurethane) or 8700 Sealant, for a little more gloss. Sealants make PaverTiles easier to clean for interior applications.

sealant for Old School 8s PaverTiles by Pine Hall Brick

Pavers on the far left have a natural finish sealant. The middle section is without sealant. The far right side shows 8700 sealant.

Brick saws for rent

PaverTiles like Old School 8s are lighter and easier to work with than full size pavers, but you still need saw for larger jobs or patterns with lots of cuts and angles.

Running bond patter set up with Old School 8s

It’s good to plan your pattern first on underlayment. Running bond pattern shown.

As a DIY project, Old School 8s can be installed over a weekend or two. You can cover a concrete floor or standard wood underlayment. Just apply a coat of Thin Set mortar, then apply grout or mortar in the gaps.

Final step? Take a few photos and share them with Pine Hall Brick. We’d love to see your work!

If you’re looking for a retro touch for your interior design or outdoor spaces, it’s right here with Old School 8s.