Thin brick for brick interior applications was the game changer of 2019. Pine Hall Brick PaverTiles and ThinClad brick veneer manufacturing went up a couple notches this year with a dedicated production facility in our Madison, NC plant.

Isenhour Homes clients are wowed by a double PaverTile floor in Cocoa and Full Range, using two paver patterns. PaverTiles go over a standard underlayment or concrete with ease. Isenhour is installing them for mudrooms, laundries, and drop zones.

Interior brick treatments have been a growing trend for a few years now. A quick internet search shows the popularity from manufacturers and retailers. In February, House Beautiful wrote about “An insanely easy way to get an antique brick floor.” Isenhour Homes recently remodeled Design Center features a PaverTile floor, showing off two styles and two paver patterns, herringbone and running bond.

With ThinClad and some basic tools and material, a brick interior design with a veneer wall is a reasonable alternative to paint or paneling. Because ThinClad is real brick, cut down to slim, easy to install tiles, the effect is identical to true exposed brick walls popular in refurbished urban lofts.

interior brick shown in shawn peterson kitchen

Builder Shawn Peterson likes the look of brick accents in his new kitchen.

You can turn your kitchen into a cozy bistro. With a little know-how and some sweat equity,  brick veneer will  warm up any interior wall or fireplace with character and charm.

Fireplaces dress up nicely with ThinCad. Tim Grein is a home builder, but he’s not a mason. Grien DIYed his fireplace in a couple of weekends and vouches for the ease of the project.

Professional home builders are getting on board with ThinClad and builder Tim Grein recommends a fireplace makeover like this one as a reasonably easy DIY project.

A bigger project that you might want to contract out is an exposed brick chimney. These are perfect for modern new homes with gas log fireplaces, that only need metal venting behind drywall. With ThinClad, it all becomes a classic, homey brick chimney. And because ThinClad weighs a fraction of what full brick weigh, this can be applied on the wall surface without needing any foundation footing like a full brick fireplace.

Brick Chimney And Fireplace

ThinClad brick veneer is so much lighter than full brick that a fireplace like this requires no concrete footing in the foundation. This is a new home construction, but with ThinClad anyone can turn their gas log fireplace and venting into a traditional brick hearth and chimney.

PaverTiles are becoming a favorite choice for entrance halls, laundry rooms, bathrooms, mudrooms, and breezeways. And like their thicker cousins, PaverTiles are an option for exterior applications. For instance, concrete steps and patio slabs can become brick in one afternoon.

Here’s a look at the thickness of PaverTiles and underlayment. This old house bathroom installation uses both thinset adhesive and grout.

How-to videos for thin brick interior design are showing up on YouTube and that’s a good way to help size up the project for yourself. When you’re ready to remodel, take a look at our ThinClad and PaverTiles products.