Brick and Shutters. In the past brick and shutter combinations were bound to a fairly limited mix of options that stuck with tradition. Red brick with black shutters, white brick with black shutters or earth tone brick with brown shutters. Lately architects have started using shutters as a way to introduce color to the outside of homes. The popularity of rustic shutters has exploded. All in all picking brick and shutters combinations has become a lot more fun!

It is best to start by understanding the three most common types of shutters and their applications. Once you understand the basics, we will look as some examples of brick and shutters combinations that really make your new home stand out on the block.

Types Of Exterior Shutters

Raised Panel

Raised Panel Shutters feature a single or double raised panel similar to a kitchen cabinet or a door. Their low profile allows them to blend seamlessly with almost any style home.
Chesapeake Pearl Queen - White

Chesapeake Pearl Queen – White Mortar – Raised Panel Shutters


Louvered Shutters have angled slats that allow air and light to pass through them. They are the most ornate of the shutters and are considered the most traditional. They are typically found on more classically architecture styled homes.

Ashton Court Brick – Gray Mortar – Louvered Shutters

Board and Batten (BnB)

Board and Batten Shutters are one to four wooded boards held together with wooded cross panel, which typically goes horizontally across the shutters, but can also go at diagonal angle across the shutters. The most popular type of shutter in most markets in the southeast due to their rustic appearance. They are featured on Craftsman, French Country, Farmhouse or Mediterranean style houses.
Oyster Pearl Oversize Tumbled - White Mortar

Oyster Pearl Brick – White Mortar – Board & Batton Shutters

Shutter Dogs

Shutter dogs also called shutter holdbacks are metal details that are mounted to the wall next to the shutter.  They are typically “S” shapes and made from iron or stainless steel. Functionally, shutter dogs hold the shutter in place when the shutter is open and then rotate allowing the shutters to close. Not all shutters feature shutters dogs, but they are a way to add a decorative element to the outside of your home. Check out how to Drill Into Brick if you want to see how to hang your own Shutter Dogs.

Brick and Shutter

Villa Chase – White Mortar – Louvered Shutter

Fun Brick and Shutter Combinations

French styled architecture have always used shutters to create a focal point from the street. The light blue board and batton shutters really pop off the white wall featuring Oyster Pearl Brick. More pictures from this home can be found here.

Selecting brick and trim colors


This house also used white brick and blue shutters, but the look is completely different than above. The pale aqua board and batton shutters provide just a hint of contract against the overwhelmingly white Villa Chase Brick. Blink and you might miss them. More pictures from this home in progress can be found here.


Brick and Shutter


This is a unique brick and shutter combination. The brick, Tufts House is highly variegated creating a mortar washed appearance. This style of brick can pair with almost any color of shutter, but this Teal Louvered shutter adds a touch of elegance to this stately home.

This home features the creamy tan French Manor brick, which in a vacuum opens the homeowner up to many shutter color options. However the severely pitched roof in the Tudor style is a warming mix of greens and brown. The pistachio color shutters and the brown half-timbering tie the roof and the brick together perfectly.

French Manor - White Mortar

French Manor – White


Check out how to Drill Into Brick if you want to see how to hang your own Shutter Dogs.