When mason Hugo Yanez, owner of Fred’s Masonry, got the job for this new home in Greensboro, NC, he was excited that the owners chose reclaimed brick.

reclaimed brick for project

Repurposing salvaged brick is a great example of how sustainable brick can be—it lasts for centuries—and how it actually gets better with age and a little wear and tear. It’s a look that some discerning homeowners pay a premium to get.

Small wonder. The mix-and-match variations of brick with remnants of old mortar, chips and scratches results in façades that give a brand new home instant classic appeal. A little rustic, but still precise enough for modern quality standards.

As Yanez wrapped up the project, we documented the results of his work and the craft of carefully selecting groupings of mixed brick from different eras.

last wall in masonry job

reclaimed brick home almost complete

This spacious home in an upscale Triad development will have a pleasant difference thanks to all the beautiful irregularities of variegated brick carefully selected by expert masons.

Brick is always a sustainable, green choice. What other building material is so durable it can be used twice…or more times through history?

Used brick is not cheap. Working with reclaiming brick is an even more expensive process, that is labor intensive. Grouping thousands of brick colors and patterns that work together add to the cost of labor, and value to the overall investment.

Reclaimed brick on job site

reclaimed brick for antique beauty

This is why Pine Hall Brick has invested in state of the art technology into modeling products that capture the facets of what makes weathered brick so appealing. So if you’re looking for the reclaimed look and you want a more moderate budget you can get the look with a number of our tumbled and simulated tumbled handmade products.

Start with our Authentic Tumbled line. Take a look at the popular Stratford Rose brick for a reclaimed look in classic reds, or go darker with Castle Gray.

Stratford Rose

Castle Gray

Beacon Hill—from the Modern Antique line—harkens to old Boston townhomes, with plenty of rough edges and a handmade texture.

Textured brick with plenty of color variation can be found in Vienna.

tuscany brick has lots of highlights

Rustic Village is another great choice for an aged brick look, shown below with red mortar.

It’s easy to see shy reclaimed brick is so popular. But with a new readily available product specially manufactured to match the charm of century-old artisanal brick you get the best of both worlds. Timeless beauty makes to modern standards.

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