When it came time for custom home builder Kevin Lansink, owner of Lansink Custom Homes, to build a new home, he went with our Ashton Court brick. He had a lot nestled in tall oaks in his home town of Summerfield, NC, with family just up the road.

Ashton Court brick with brown fixtures

Just about all the homes Lansink builds are brick and most of that is Pine Hall Brick.

“I just like the product,” says Lansink. “I like the way it lays, I like how it handles water and I like the range of colors.”

brick wall and window sill


As a spec builder, Lansink teams up with his wife for design. Brick color comes first.

“The foundation is the first thing that happens to the house, so we choose the brick color first,” said Lansink. “The window color comes next and the trim colors come off what we choose for windows.”

With Ashton Court, Lansink went with seagrass for his vinyl trim colors and accents it with aqua shutters. The brick also works well with a dark oak door and a stained beaded board ceiling on the front and back porches.

Lansink designed a fun back porch complete with a television above a rustic fireplace with an Ashton Court chimney.

Ashton Court is a good color choice for earth tones with its mix of browns sprinkled with white.

With new construction still rolling along in this part of Guilford County, Lansink’s homestead makes it easy to work from home. And he’s got the product he swears by that will give him an excellent return when it’s time build his next new home.


Seagrass windows paired with Ashton Court brick

Ashton Court brick in sunlight

Ashton Court brick in direct sunlight shows off its range of colors. Lots of brown. A little red. Some whites.