Right across the street from the amazing European villa we featured in the previous post, is a this traditional brick home. It’s relatively new construction, but with Rustic Village brick and matching pavers, it’s already a classic. And it’s just one more great example of the range of styles you can achieve with brick.

In the Jefferson Wood neighborhood, all homes are required to use brick, but there’s nothing repetitive about the designs. This inviting colonial owned by Jim and Sherry Sheek is nestled in pink crepe myrtles a pleasant distance from the street. Here, curb appeal comes from the sense of privacy, but the spacious front porch at the end of a paver walkway is welcoming to any guest. Pavers extend the warmth and beauty of a traditional brick home to the outdoor environment.

traditional brick walkway

When you think of brick, the color red comes to mind. But as you see in the front steps, there’s a range from black to light pink, all balanced by gray mortar.

traditional brick steps

Traditional Brick For Beauty, Strength and Enjoyment

The Sheek’s front porch is truly an extension of the interior living environment. It’s all brick, so over the years it will be easy to maintain without needing to paint, stain or replace rotten floor lumber. The simplicity of the American front porch is still hard to beat and it’s easily accessorized with greenery and flowers and white rockers that make any guest want to linger.

classic american porch with traditional brick

The Sheek house is spacious and well-appointed. And with so much brick, it’s a solid investment for at least a century.

For traditionalists, red brick is right at the top of building material choices. With beautifully weathered Rustic Village, a home has an instantly classical feel that can be complemented with lighting fixtures out of America’s past and paint selections that play off the subtle highlights and variations in the brick.

When you stand back and take in the Sheek’s brick classic, you might forget you’re in a planned community within a city. Perfectly placed on a roomy lot, with its high roof dormers and keystone windows, the home could be easily mistaken for a country estate. And it’s just one more example of the range and versatility of brick homes. See more photos of this home and others on our Pinterest page.