Upscale communities most often have builder requirements. Jefferson Wood, a planned community in Greensboro, NC, has requirements for all homes to utilize a certain percentage of brick…which says a great deal about brick!

Despite the prerequisites for building materials in all construction, there’s nothing cookie cutter about the real estate.

When you take a drive down Jefferson Wood Court you find  plenty of different styles, including this stunning lakeside estate modeled after a European villa using versatile brick.

Oyster Pearl Oversize Tumbled w/English Ledgestone accents

The home is a great example of how Pine Hall Brick Oyster Pearl pairs with stone, wrought iron, and rich dark timer to evoke old world romance and warmth. This is all heightened with shutters, keystone arches over doors, windows, and exterior wrought iron lighting. The contrast between the brick and darker stone is stunning and adds depth and dimension to the overall design

White brick like Oyster Pearl can make dramatic shifts in tone as the day progresses and sunlight changes. In the early morning or under a sunset, Oyster Pearl may not look white at all. And there’s a whole spectrum of hues and tones within each individual brick.

Oyster Pearl Oversize Tumbled with English Ledgestone accents

Oyster Pearl steps

It’s a home that’s currently for sale and a walk around the property is impressive. The back yard is on a community lake with profound steps that lead up to an elevated patio that offers a view that’s perfect for evening refreshments or an extended dinner party on balmy nights. The Oyster Pearl exterior walls and corner columns supporting the patio’s railing has the look of a fortified manor. A manor with plenty of sunlight and natural breezes.