The Deerview community by Ruggieri Associates is all brick, but the variety of brick colors used—along with custom design features—makes each home unique.

Ruggieri Associates owner Mauro Ruggieri builds exclusively with brick, and Pine Hall Brick gives his designs a wide range of color options.

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Chesapeake Pearl with Gray Mortar


brick colors offer wider range

Oyster Pearl with Gray Mortar and Stone Accents


brick colors

Southport Oversize with Gray mortar

“In the design process I have a vision of what I think it should look like, and first, I determine the brick color,” says Ruggieri. “Everything starts with brick. Working with a homeowner I always suggest that we not try to match the house next door. So every other house has a different color brick.”

Ruggieri also advises that it’s important to be on top of trends.

“Twenty or 30 years ago everything was red,” said Ruggieri. “Right now, most people aren’t looking for red brick. They prefer whites, light browns and greys…a little bit softer.”

Once the brick is selected, Ruggieri creates a complimentary palette for shutters, exterior trim, and roof.

“For matching trim, Sherwin Williams has a good selection of colors,” said Ruggieri. “Currently, I go with something warm—like taupe or light beige. We’re also doing a lot of white trim on houses now. Clay is very popular. It’s a grayish brown color. Those kinds of earth tones are popular.”

On average, brick homes command at least 6% more resale value than other home styles.—Brick Industry Association

These days Ruggieri is able to rely on one roof color, “Weatherwood,” because it has a little gray and a little black that goes with any brick and plays off the brick color.

“With Weatherwood you’ll think each home has a different roof color based on its brick!” said Ruggieri.

About 20% of the home’s façade is mortar. In the Deerview community and other projects, Ruggieri uses standard gray mortar because it goes with the brick colors he’s specifying and it’s easy to match when you want to make an addition.

This brings up another important point in building a home: future plans.

“Everybody who says, ‘I’m never going to move’..they’re the most likely to move!” said Ruggieri. “I always recommend that you build something easy to sell to others.”

brick colors in Deerview

Chesapeake Pearl Gray Mortar

With all the choices you can make with brick colors, what’s the best advice for building a new home?

“Find a good builder and trust, because you’re going to be living with him for a while!” said Ruggieri. “It’s very important to have a working relationship with your builder so you don’t have to be on the job every day.

“If I get something wrong, I’m going to tear it out. And you’ll want to be able to call me down the road. I get called back for additions and new construction by customers from 20 years ago.”

According to the national trade association, Brick Industry Association (BIA), on average, brick homes command at least 6% more resale value than other home styles. When a brick house sells, the return on the initial investment almost always proves to be a wise one.

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Brick colors today

Southport w/ Gray Mortar and stone accents

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Sandalwood Oversize with Gray mortar.