White Brick. It is the most commonly request color when perspective homeowners walk into our showroom. Some are looking for almost entirely white brick to go on a Modern Farmhouse. Some are searching for a more creamy white that works for an elegant Tudor. Others are looking for a more of a variegated white for a French Provencal. A few just want brick to paint all white. Pine Hall Brick has options for each of these homeowners.

Whitest To Whitewashed – White Brick Options

Lets start with our two whitest option, Villa Chase (seen in top image) and Stonington. These are very similar brick in-terms of color with Villa Chase being made at our Madison, NC plant and Stonington being made at our Fairmount, GA facility. If you are looking for as close to a painted brick house without the hassle and expense of painted brick then these two brick are your best bet. They are not pure white as a touch of the body shows through adding a bit of character to the wall, but when paired with white mortar and white sand they are our whitest brick choice.

Villa Chase - White Mortar - White Brick

Villa Chase – White Mortar

If Villa Chase and Stonington are too white for your taste and you want some subtle variation while still remaining overwhelmingly white then check out Chesapeake Pearl.  It is a mix of white and off-whites with some subtle undertones of bluish gray. It is our most popular white brick because of its versatility. You can use it in almost any style home and by using different color mortars from white to cream to gray a homeowners is able to create vastly different looking homes.

Chesapeake Pearl Queens - White Mortar - White Brick

Chesapeake Pearl Queens – White Mortar

Looking for more of a creamy white then French Manor is the go-to option. The base color is a cream, but the brick has various shades of slightly darker brick creating a subtle range of colors. It can shift more towards white by pairing it with a white mortar, but really pops with a more creamy mortar like Argos Sahara or Holcim Eggshell.

French Manor – Sahara / Eggshell Mortar

If you have been searching for more of a whitewash, limewash or German smear style appearance where the darker body of the brick is visible behind the white coating check out Oyster Pearl. Another option in this family is Tufts House. Tufts House has more body showing through than Oyster Pearl and a much rougher texture. It appears darker in the wall than Oyster Pearl.

Oyster Pearl - Oversize Tumbled - Porcelain Mortar

Oyster Pearl  – Argos Porcelain / Holcim Dessert Buff Mortar

Tufts House – White Mortar

Still can’t find the white brick that you are looking for then painting your brick white is always an option. We recommend using a mineral based paint versus an acrylic based paint. Mineral based paints adhere better to masonry creating significantly less long-term maintenance. Mineral based paint applies just like acrylic based paint and is available from Beeck Mineral Paints. The great aspect of painting brick is that its texture creates a far more appealing wall than painting siding.

Painted Brick - White Brick

Painted Brick – Modern Farmhouse