With a white brick Villa Chase, dark trim, wood features, and stone create solid and beautiful curb appeal. Ray Bullins Construction entered this stately lodge in Greensboro’s Parade of Homes last fall.

Bullins, keeping with homeowner trends toward lighter colored brick, also selected white mortar for the home.

The entrance, framed in dark timber, accented with bronze railing has a sturdy but inviting look.

Villa Chase is a white brick that has some of the brick-body accents showing through.   Since the brick is textured, it’s a natural pairing with stone, which Bullins used extensively for the entrance pillars and on a section of the front façade.

Villa Chase brick entrance


Dark wood and bronze trim adds depth to Ray Bullins’ Parade of Homes entry.

Brick and stone

Stone and brick look great together.


Stone looks great with the lighter tones of Villa Chase.

Award winning builder Ray Bullins, president of Ray Bullins Construction Company Inc., has been building beautiful custom and For Sale Homes since the mid-80’s. Bullins is a second generation builder who was taught the construction business by his father, which gave him an appreciation for quality and a preference for brick.

With over 150 homes personally built to date, the legacy continues to evolve with new styles, techniques, and technologies.

Dark trim and Villa Chase brick


Bronze light fixtures provide dark accents above the garage bays.

The home buyer trend continues to favor lighter brick styles and Villa Chase provides the home buyer with another great looking color. Villa Chase shows an aged appearance from the moment the wall is constructed with hints of brown body showing through.

Villa Chase brick by Pine Hall Brick


Villa Chase catches the autumn light.

Like all brick, the colors will change through the day. It’s always a good idea to visit enough brick homes, at different times of the day, when selecting a style and brick texture. Also be sure to note the mortar color, trim colors and, roof color as they all will play a role in the final look product.

Villa Chase brick porch

Bullins Villa Chase and stone home has spacious features like a wide covered patio and three-car garage accommodations.

The dark accents, stone and dark gray roof make the Villa Chase brick really stand out.