A legacy patio porch had a problem. It sagged in the middle causing rainwater to form a big puddle. A skilled masonry contractor used Pine Hall Brick pavers in two thicknesses for a level-headed solution to smooth out the problem.

The variety, versatility and performance of Pine Hall Brick pavers came through for masonry contractor Brian Tunstall when he repaired a poorly draining elevated patio with a very unique solution.

“Our customer had a circular porch patio, about three feet above grade with a swag in the middle that caused stormwater to collect in the middle,” said Tunstall.

Otherwise, the patio was solid, Tunstall explained. In consulting with the homeowner, he suggested a novel approach: raise the middle by effectively using brick veneer over the existing pavers. 

How would that fix the sagging middle?

Tunstall’s solution was to use full sized Pathway Red pavers in the middle of the patio, which had sunk about one-and-a-half inches below the outer edge of the patio. Then, he matched the color with a 1-3/8″ thick Brookstown Red Modular paver on the outside higher elevation areas.

“That’s what I love about Pine Hall Brick products,” said Tunstall. “The wide range of options in all sizes. We have two completely different pavers there now and there’s no way the average person can tell the difference.”

So now a solid and impressive raised patio is even more solid – and dry. The full pavers in the center corrected the slope, causing water to flow away from the home and off the patio.

Looking at the photos above, you can’t see any difference. How did Tunstall achieve this?

Above: A typical project for Tunstall & Company. Modular paver walkway and steps.

Slideshow projects on Tunstall’s property. Paver bridge, inlaid pineapple design and patio with pizza oven. 

Brian Tunstall simply has the skills. It MIGHT be genetic, considering the fact that Brian Tunstall is the sixth generation of his family’s masonry contracting business, dating back to 1862, based in Southern Virginia.

Today, Tunstall & Company handles a lot of light commercial jobs and custom residential jobs from fireplaces to stoops and steps. And of course patios. Tunstall’s personal patio is outfitted with a brick pizza oven.

In his business, masonry options are a big deal.

“When I consult with clients I always ask myself what are some options I have?,” said Tunstall. “Pine Hall Brick pavers have been a tremendous help to us.”

And he loves satisfying customers.

“I showed another Brookstown project to a client when it was finished and she started crying,” said Tunstall. “What’s wrong? She said, no, I’m so happy! Pine Hall Brick really helps us showcase what is possible in our industry with quality that sets the bar high for everyone.”

Tunstall & Company’s work with the sagging patio is just one example of innovative and beautiful solutions in pavers and brick. We’re proud that we can be a part of it all.

Beautiful brick steps are always in demand.