If you’re considering a paver project, you should probably start thinking about the type of sand you’ll be using in your joints. There a few options available, including a type of sand called polymeric sand. Polymeric sand is a blend of fine sand and additives that becomes hard and binds pavers together when wet. This helps improve the durability of the project and prevents sand from washing out of joints during heavy rains. This benefit, however, can make working with polymeric sand tricky. In order for it to set properly, particular guidelines need to be followed at all times. If they aren’t, the project may not set and you may have to start all over.

Before you start your project, be sure that your surface in completely dry. With pavers, this is especially important. Pavers are porous and may retain moisture even when they appear dry. You’ll also want to make sure that no rain is in the forecast after the project is completed. Sometimes this isn’t possible, so if a shower does pop up, simply cover your project with tarp. Once conditions are dry, remove the tarp so that the project can continue to cure.