If you’ve been with us for a while, then you know that a homes outdoor living spaces can be just as important to the look and feel of your house as the layout of your kitchen or bathroom. Well designed hardscapes can add perceived usable space to your home and increase its resale value! If you’re thinking about using clay pavers for that hardscaping and you live in a brick home, here are some tips to make sure you pick the perfect color combo!

To match or contrast
Do you want to create a harmonious exterior? Or is your goal to highlight the home and add visual interest to the landscaping. Both approaches have their benefits, but deciding which is right for your aesthetic is a vital first step.

Monochromatic pairings
If you decide that you want a look that creates a blended environment where home and landscape feel like pieces of the same installation, then go with a clay paver that closely matches your home. The match doesn’t have to be exact. To create dimension, choose a brick in the same color family that is a bit darker or lighter than your facebrick.

Analagous pairings
Does your facebrick have tones of orange or rose? Maybe it’s green or blue? You can create a harmonious exterior by choosing a clay paver that builds on the undertones of your facebrick, so rather than a match, you have a harmonious exterior. Analogous colors are colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.

A story of contrast
On the other hand, you may want your home to stand out from your landscaping – to be emphasized. In that case, you would want to go with a contrasting brick. There are two approaches you can take to choosing a contrasting brick color. Like an analogous pairing, complementary pairings use the color wheel to find a good match, or in this case contrast to your main color. Does your home have a lot of orange brick? Choose a paver with a blue undertone. The goal is to create distinction between the architecture of your home and the hardscape.

Contrasting neutrals
If color theory isn’t your game, opt for neutral clay pavers. Light colored pavers will make your entrance feel formal, grand and large. On the other hand, using darker colors for your hardscaping will make your hardscape feel more intimate and less imposing.

Have you paired clay pavers with a brick home? Share your tips!