When Scott Naylor of Naylor Custom Homes built his new home, he selected Chesapeake Pearl brick with white mortar using white sand.

Great choice! Chesapeake Pearl is whiter than its sister brick Oyster Pearl and it works especially well with the dark stone and dark accents that Naylor wanted.

dark stone and Chesapeake Pearl

Great contrast with rustic stone and dark windows.

“I chose Chesapeake Pearl because of the definition of the color in the brick,” said Naylor.  “It has a rustic look that my wife and I were looking for. At that time, there were fewer people using Chesapeake Pearl and we always want to be different!”

Chesapeake Pearl brick and stone creates a castle

The Naylor home is their castle. Especially in the frontage where darker rustic stone presents an impressive entranceway complete with a towering turret. Dark wood in the doors and shutters adds to the contrast. Dark blue stamped concrete on all the porches and rear patio equally stands out and, in shadow this brings out a whole different palette of accents in the brick.

Privacy wall

Beautiful masonry defines privacy walls on both sides of the home’s frontage. They keep HVAC and waste cans out of sight.

Chesapeake Pearl is a brick that gives you a different home as the light changes. In bright sun, you see dry sand. In the shade, you see more of the highlights.

Chesapeake Pearl brick steps

In shade, opalescent Chesapeake Pearl tends to show its darker accents more.

As a home builder, Naylor needs space for his work vehicles as well as the family cars. So his new home has driveways off of two streets on the corner lot. Two in the front and one going to a rear pad and garage, big enough for a full-size pick-up and tool trailer.

While the front of the home is a castle, the back is more like a country lodge. And the kind of place where a successful builder can relax or entertain a big group.

Backyard recreation space

Naylor built an open porch, complete with hot tub (behind the brick) and an outdoor television. That’s connected by a stamped concrete patio to a screened porch with a full “outdoor” kitchen!

Outdoor kitchen indoors

Amazing entertainment space brings the outdoors inside. It’s a finished interior room with Chesapeake Pearl and screened walls. The vented grill is perfect for entertaining.

There’s a brick porch complete with hot tub and TV. Go down a Chesapeake Pearl stairway to stamped concrete patio, big enough for a party, itself. That connects to an amazing screened room that looks like it was designed for a Super Bowl Party. Naylor has it well appointed with vented outdoor grill, fridge, TV and comfortable cushioned whicker furniture.

Ship-shape four-car garage

Ship-shape driveway pad! Scott Naylor designed a home with plenty of space for his vehicles with garages accessible from two streets and from the rear of the home.

“Pine Hall Brick is a great brand and a local company,” said Naylor.  “We always have great service with them.”

As home buyers seek out lighter colored brick, the Naylor home is a showpiece, demonstrating how colorful and stylish it can be with such a low-maintenance product.

Stone entrance accented by Chesapeake Pearl brick

Chesapeake Pearl complements stone accents in Naylor’s front entrance. The white brick provides contrast and depth with a texture that is as rustic as the stone.