When you think of a patio or walkway you might not think of round and curved lines, but maybe you should. Round shapes are visually soothing and curves create long undulating lines that lead the eye. The shape also works well for landscaping. Curves are a more natural shape that works well with flower and plant beds.

Wondering how to incorporate these curves into your landscaping plan? If you’re not ready to dive into a full patio, consider creating a curved garden path. You can create a long winding path or a simple curve, like in the path created by Backwoods Landscaping below.

Notice how the long soft lines lead the eye down the path and to the driveway. This technique can help lead visitors to other parts of your property, like a custom build water feature or prize rose bush.

Another way to create soft lines in your landscaping is to add a curved edge to a large patio. In the example below, the designer finished the patio by creating several rounded edges that gently transition from patio to yard. By imbedding a circular pattern at one end of the patio, they’ve used the round shape to create a focal point, like a target.