A forever home – two years in the making – at the New Jersey shore needed to be special inside and out for a young family of four. So, a plain concrete walkway wouldn’t do.

Megan Williamson, married mother of two, was heavily involved with the family’s architect, builder, and all the subcontractors in removing their old home and building their impressive new home in Ocean City, New Jersey.

All photos by Megan Williamson

The initial designs were great, except for the curbside approach.

“We did originally have concrete steps specified but we decided clay pavers just looked a whole lot more refined,” said Williamson. “It gave it a nicer pop of colors, especially with the gray cedar that we chose for the house.”

Rumbled Full Range pavers were specified for the steps leading up to the house, with each step capped by bluestone.

“It was more to give it some texture, some color and brick was just the perfect option,” said Williamson. “We decided to go with a herringbone pattern which really made it look nice.”

The driveway got a dash of paver, too, with lines of Rumbled Full Range pavers inset in the concrete for accent. 

“We had seen it at other houses down at the shore – Stone Harbor, Avalon, Ocean City – we saw the brick borders in concrete driveways with some brick insets and we thought it looked really nice,” said Williamson. “Again, it was the change of color, the pop, the texture that it gives to plain concrete making it look really refined.”

For the new bayside home, pavers are a good choice for curb appeal, function, and durability.

The driveway, entrance step and the complementing landscaping were the final finishing touches to a home built for generations. Clay pavers are here, beautifully, for the long haul.