Exploring social media sites like Pinterest and Houzz will spark your imagination for creating enchanting outdoor spaces, but when it comes to making decisions about bricks and pavers, it really helps to get a closer look at the materials you will actually be using in your project.

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There is a wide range of styles, textures and colors that is easier to see in “real life.” Subtle differences in hues and patinas, Rumbled™ bricks and pavers that have a timeless aged look and English Edge pavers to make installation a little easier: these are all options you’ll want to see and touch.

Where do you find the “real thing”?

Pine Hall Brick has five exciting showrooms in North Carolina and Georgia. Homeowners are encouraged to bring their ideas, sketches, swatches and photos to plan the perfect paverscapes or brick features. Each showroom features a special brick Courtyard which is a hands-on, eyes-on brick gallery exhibiting brick-and-mortar walls, planters, gazebo, fire pits and walkways that whimsically change colors and patterns.

Many brick distributors around the country carry Pine Hall Brick pavers and feature similar exhibits and offer samples on loan.

Otto Brick's showroom, Uniontown, PA

Like a pottery gallery, you can see the range of beauty that can be achieved. When you can see and touch bricks and pavers in the outdoor light and environment you get a much better idea of what your finished project will look like.

See Old Town herringbone come to life in the walkway under your feet and English Edge in action! The whole affect helps you imagine what your home outdoors can become and, hopefully, you’ll get some new ideas for future projects.

This homeowner tells how he got some help navigating the challenging process of choosing an exterior brick and mortar for his home.

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It’s hard not to fall in love with the look and feel of timeless brick and genuine clay pavers. Classic like the world’s oldest cities, but with plenty of range to achieve modern designs for garden paths, front yard walkways, driveways, retaining walls, benches and fireplaces.

And speaking of modern appeal, remember that bricks are green and sustainable, made from the earth, water and fire to last centuries.