When Jennifer and her husband were ready to build their dream home, they took their ideas to architect Marc Goldmon of Matheny Goldmon. Initially they thought they would build a different style of home, but they were struggling to find an elevation they loved.

“At that point Marc produced a hand drawn sketch of a French Eclectic style home and we immediately knew that was the style of home we would build,” shared Jennifer. “His ability to read our minds during the design process while also working very quickly to meet our timeframe was phenomenal.”

Determining the right style wasn’t the only challenge these home owners would face, however. Their neighborhood also had very detailed specifications on what types of materials could be used to build the home and the style they needed to maintain. They would need to provide a field panel with brick and mortar choices and trim and clad colors to be approved by the architectural review board before they could begin construction.

“Selecting the brick was probably our biggest hurdle in building our home,” Jennifer admitted. “We didn’t’ want to go with a traditional red brick, but wanted a neutral color.”

They started their search by visiting area brick dealers and driving out to homes, but they were having a hard time finding anything they liked. Many of the bricks had a pink hue, which they wanted to avoid. They were ready to give up and go with an inexpensive brick that they could paint to achieve their desired palette when Jenkins Brick stepped in with a solution. They directed Jennifer and her husband to a home in Athens that used Pine Hall Brick’s Spanish Moss Queen. Once they saw it on a finished home, they were sold.

“It is a great neutral without any pink undertones that also has a weathered look we wanted.”

To compliment their choice they settled on the Savannah Ivory mortar. Working with Goldmon, they selected trim and clad colors to compliment, not distract from, their brick choice. Their selections were approved by their architectural review board with no problems and Jennifer and her husband were ready to move forward.

Enter Tim Reeves of Reeves Custom Homes. Joining Jennifer near the end of the design process, Tim impressed her with his handling of subcontractors and their loyalty to his business. Eight short months after they broke ground, construction was completed. Jennifer and her husband, both engineers, especially appreciated Tim’s organization, which helped relieve some of the burden off of their own shoulders. He also introduced forward thinking ideas and solutions that Jennifer and her husband didn’t have the knowledge to ask for. For instance, their home is foam insulated, including the crawl space and attic, which ensures the home is extremely energy efficient while greatly reducing power bills.

“We didn’t even know to ask for a specific type of insulation, but he has been in the field long enough to know the best products and subs to use to make each home the best it can be.”

Thank you to Jennifer for sharing her home and her story. For more images and information on her beautiful home, please visit her blog Tales of a Peanut