People who know construction understand the value of brick. That’s why so many home builders choose it when they design their own house. Ricky and Sharon Adkins are no different, and they took it a step further with plenty of interior brick, by matching the exterior façade with Pine Hall Brick’s thin brick version.

The Adkins acted as their own general contractor and created a spacious original floor plan, utilizing brick and stone on and in their home located on wooded acreage in Yadkin County, North Carolina.

Brick was an easy choice, because Adkins’ dad, John, was a 25-year salesman for Pine Hall Brick and it was very meaningful to the Adkins to incorporate Pine Hall Brick product into their home.

“We knew we wanted something that was attractive and maintenance free,” said Adkins. “So we knew it would be some portion of Pine Hall Brick combined with rock to complement.”

The Adkins wanted a rich earth tone, so they chose Old Yorktown Oversized brick with its classic handmade look. They liked it so much, they brought it inside with Old Yorktown thin brick.

Pine Hall Brick is able to cut any of our products into thin brick. That insures strength, integrity and color consistency.

Thin brick, installed over moisture resistant drywall with thinset creates a durable maintenance free interior. Because it’s real brick it truly looks like a solid brick wall, especially when it matches the exterior. Adkins points out there are places inside where you see both interior and exterior brick, with no discernable difference.

“Up until a few years ago you could only get just certain colors in thin brick,” said Adkins. “Then Pine Hall Brick started sawing any standard brick, even outside corners. When I was made aware of that, the decision was made to incorporate a fair amount of interior brick.”

The results are impressive.

“We are very pleased with the finished product both inside and out. Pine Hall Brick is a key component of our home and gets a lot of compliments,” said Adkins.