We are pleased to debut our new Villa Chase brick at the Fall Parade of Homes.

Mike Enscore, owner of Veritas Construction, looked confident one week before the Parade as he took a cell phone call from the job site, still bustling with crews putting on finishing touches.

Villa Chase looks great with stone

Villa Chase brick, our newest product, was in place with white mortar and white sand weeks earlier as was a spacious front porch using Old Mill pavers to complement a spacious and  elegant home. The white Villa Chase, gently weathered in our textured process cover a little over half the home, meeting siding on the upper gables.

Old Mill clay pavers

porch in final stages

old mill pavers with oak door

The paver front porch, set in mortar, is a beautifully durable and it creates a “lodge-look” with stone pillars.

The Veritas project at 5360 Summer Hill Lane has the honor of being the first home in the local builder’s association parade. As landscaping crews were finishing up underground irrigation before rolling out sod, the inside was undergoing finishing touches as the dust settles.

Villa Chase brick works well with stone and siding.

finishing parade of homes entry

In addition to mixed building materials, the home has a pleasing palette that provides a nice balance, from aqua shutters to a red oak entrance way and mahogany garage doors. It’s a beautiful example of how white brick provides a canvas that sets off the home’s external features and accents.

Villa Chase brick and aqua shutters

Follow the house around back—built into an incline—and you’ll find expert masonry in a curved retaining wall that ensconces a ground floor entry to a patio and basement underneath an indestructible veranda supported by Villa Chase columns.

Villa Chase Brick with newly planted roses

White brick like Villa Chase is complemented by colorful landscaping.

Landscaping with curved retaining wall

Villa Chase pairs beautifully with stone.

Veritas has tastefully captured elements of classic American homes with the kind of spacious floor plan that families expect today.

Mike Enscore, third-generation family owner of Veritas Construction, still looked confident as crews wrapped up for the day and he also looked proud of the results.

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Vienna Old Style going in next door

Even the home next door is Pine Hall Brick. In this case, Vienna Old Style.