What would your driveway look like if you spent your days building brick houses? This. A poured concrete driveway clearly wouldn’t do. It’s more likely that you would start with a Pine Hall Brick classic red full range paver in a rumbled texture. You’d use 4” X 8” conventional pavers, with a double row soldier course to add width and at the same time, you’d mix in 4” X 12” plank pavers in an alternating chevron pattern.

a beautiful alternative to concrete

This expansive brick paver driveway is a beautiful alternative to concrete.

chevron pattern using pavers

Planks rumbled and a unique pattern.

Frank Lomangino is the owner of Tough Turf LLC, who installed this driveway at a client’s home in Mays Landing, New Jersey this spring. Lomangino is quick to say that the design is beautiful, but he can’t take credit for it. The house belongs to Darrin Pantalone, who owns Pantalone Construction, a longtime mason contractor in the area. Pantalone came up with the design of the driveway.

Put another way, both men are in the clay brick business, although in different directions. Pantalone specializes in vertical construction, putting up brick walls, while Lomangino works in horizontal construction, putting down clay pavers in driveways, sidewalks, and patios. If you were to build a brick house with a paver walkway, both companies would be on the job site.

Pantalone knew how all the angles would appear once the project was complete, while Lomangino had the specialized skill to implement the project with a masterful chevron pattern.

Paver driveway using unique chevron pattern

Paver driveway using unique chevron pattern adds to the home’s curb appeal. Stone, face brick and landscaping complement the presentation.

“He’s pretty creative,” said Lomangino. “He’s been around the industry for a long time.”

So has Lomangino. He’s been in the segmental paving business since 1988 and with self-deprecating humor says that if he’s had enough time to figure it out by now and if he hasn’t, it’s time to go into another line of work.

Chevron pattern and lots of angles

paver driveway and outbuilding

Combined with a nifty outbuilding, the paver driveway adds a lot of outdoor living space to the home.

At 6,000 square feet, the project is sand-set over concrete. The complicated design pattern required great attention to detail around the numerous angles of the driveway entrance as well as keeping the lines straight.

The brick driveway tied in nicely with the brick accents in the stone columns and site walls surrounding the project, contributing to a design that blends both traditional and newer design elements seamlessly. The installation was complicated further by featuring a new plank size of paver blended with a traditional size, but the contractor made it look easy.”

“This is a beautiful project,” said Lomangino.”He’s done a good job with his house.”

Stone wall complements full range red driveway.

Stonewall complements full range red driveway.