Interior brick is a great way to add accents and define any space within an open floor plan.

When home builder Shawn Peterson designed and built his rustic modern home up a hill from the Haw River near Burlington, North Carolina, he specified Pine Hall Brick Oyster Pearl Thin Clad as a key interior design element.

open floor plan defined by interior brick

The main living space of Peterson’s new home has plenty of natural light, views of the river, space—under a cathedral ceiling—and lots of definition with beautifully applied brick veneer.

It’s all a nice surprise, too, because when you enter, there’s a beautifully modern brick wall foyer.  A sturdy bench, hewn from a locally cut log, provides a place to sit and maybe remove your boots and artfully distressed door hangs on the wall, converted to function as a coat rack. The white brick façade wraps around the wall on both ends of the foyer, leading into the kitchen space of the great room.

modern rustic interior

hearth accented with interior brick

interior brick reading nook

Gazing up on the high far wall, you’ll see an antique wooden extension ladder displayed as art. Just another tool of a builder’s trade. Peterson has created an environment that is, at the same time, elegant, artful and rustic.

The experience of the space is inviting, whether you take a seat at the kitchen’s bar, the dinner table or the comfy conversation space at the fireplace. More likely, on your first visit, you’ll want to just wander around to take it all in.

Peterson’s design uses a range of materials, but the Thin Clad brick make an important—if subtle—contribution to the exposed beam aesthetics and functionality of the space.

The open kitchen is ensconced at both ends by the foyer wall. A touch of rustic meets the clean modern lines of a spotless cooking area. The fireplace, flanking the living room section has just an accent of brick under the hearthstone. But directly across the room, Peterson has created a reading nook featuring a wall of Oyster Pearl that also provides a striking background for art objects.

interior brick shown in shawn peterson kitchen

art on brick

reading nook created with interior brick

Thin Clad brick veneer is an option for remodeling as well as new homes. If you have an open floor plan that needs some variety and definition, it’s easily applied over existing walls. In a traditional home’s floor plan, a den can be made a little more cozy by adding some brick. Pine Hall Brick offers a wide range of colors of Thin Clad brick to work with almost any interior palette.

For additional photos from Shawn Peterson’s home, visit our Pinterest page.