Pine Hall Brick played a role in this season’s premiere episode of the “Love It or List It” television series by providing Barker House facebrick and Rumbled Bluffs pavers to a new home project.

When Hilary Farr, host of the TV series “Love It or List It,” built her new home on top of an existing foundation near Raleigh’s Village District, she wanted a beautiful home in North Carolina, but she also wanted to be a good neighbor.

Farr’s home design is innovative and transitional with lots of modern construction features, and it fits in the established sylvan block of older homes, in large part because she chose our Barker House artisanal-style brick.

Black metal windows, sleek lighting fixtures, expansive sliding glass rear entrance, exposed beams over a plunge pool back deck, and more make it fitting for a design expert. Still the home looks like it belongs, with Barker House brown to white range of color. The mortar is gray.

“Yes, it’s a very contemporary design, but I love how the color and texture of Barker House is perfect for the neighborhood and the architectural style prevalent in Raleigh,” said Farr. “The brick looks almost reclaimed. The artisanal style softens the sharper lines of the home design.”

Barker House is from the Pine Hall Brick “Old Brick House” line that harkens to early American brick making styles.

The Barker House brick mingles greys and browns with dashes of white, which show similarities to colors from ancient European kilns. In those days, most of the brick made was the color of the clay when it was dug out of the ground and fired in the kiln. Our modern manufacturing processes mean that we can manipulate the clay and the firing process to produce a wide palette of colors.

“I love the look – the color, lines, and texture – of my new brick, but energy efficiency was my number one consideration when choosing brick,” said Farr.

Brick delivers superior efficiency for heating and cooling, plus Farr insisted on a radiant barrier wrap underneath the brick.

Farr is convinced she’s staying in her new Raleigh abode and won’t be “listing” this home for a long time. Another good reason for choosing brick, since long term maintenance is next to nothing.