The owners call this 1933 classic in Concord, Massachusetts their “forever home.”

So landscape designer Dan Gladu of Roots & Rocks Landscape Artisans designed the outdoor living space with our Rumbled Full Range brick pavers to stand the test of time and complement the home.

It’s beautiful and an engineering marvel with stone features of reclaimed granite. The owners don’t have to worry about any Nor’easters with this outdoor room…or icy Massachusetts winters.

forever home project

Work began with some excavation.

Stone features on forever patio

Stones and reclaimed granite painstakingly installed.

infrastructure for forever patio

More infrastructure.

pavers started on forever patio

In come the pavers!

The space invites you in from two entrances. One with a sweeping 45-degree herringbone pattern of the antique finish 4 x 8 brick that match the same radius of the natural stone wall around the old growth oak tree, as well as the opposing 45-degree angle of the reclaimed granite pavers, sawn and treated with a thermal finish.

The level of detail in the patio is unsurpassed. There are precisely fitting, yet massive pieces of reclaimed granite used in the walls, countertop, fire pit and steps. And there is fine detail of the brick work in the patio and walkway areas. It’s an outdoor living space where a landscaping pro can take time to discover its subtle intricacies and a homeowner can entertain with pride.

In the context of the colonial style 1933 home, the brick and granite pavers, wooden pergola and stone walls give the new outdoor living space a timeless look. Still, it feels like it naturally belongs with the home and has been there all along.

nearly complete forever patio

Here you can see the underlayment for the pavers as the project takes final shape.

curved path in rumbled full range

Granite and clay. A timeless pairing.

Double soldier course (pavers on the edges of the herringbone pattern), masterfully laid.

Roots & Rocks gets big props for innovation with details including under-drains hidden in the fire pit and along walls and bronze low voltage lights discreetly illuminating the space. There’s even a chunk of old Boston here: most of the granite came from a renovation to the Longfellow Bridge in Boston, adding to the authenticity of the project.

In harmony with the classic New England architectural style of the home, this outdoor living space fulfilled the wishes of the homeowners. The design is classic and timeless with materials and construction to stand the test of time for their “forever” home.

By Doug Rose, Paver Sales Manager, Pine Hall Brick

Stone meets clay pavers

This patio is forever.