What’s old is new with the Pine Hall Brick Augustine line of machine weathered brick. And one of the newest is Villa Chase, that debuted in the 2017 Parade of Homes. Since then, it’s taken off as a choice of custom builders and in new neighborhoods, where brick is preferred.

Villa Chase brick has an aged appearance

Walraven Signature Homes, based in Oak Ridge, NC, is showing one of its newest homes is built with Villa Chase on Bethany Dr. in Greensboro, NC.

Right now, almost all home buyers are asking for white brick,” said Danielle Walraven, co-owner of Walraven Signature Homes. “The whiter the better in many purchasers eyes.”

Villa Chase – a gently weathered classic

Villa Chase is a cousin of our popular Chesapeake Pearl brick. It’s a white brick with hints of brown showing through. Only, Villa Chase has a crisper, less tumbled edge.

Our manufacturing process has refined to allow us to control such subtle differences and really dial in on what builders and their homebuyers want.

The Walraven home uses white mortar with Villa Chase. The brick is coordinated with a dark gray roof, rustic wood shutters and features and white trim for dimension.

Stone features figure prominently on the front wall and the front and rear porches for a pleasing combination.stone and Villa Chase brick“The great thing about the white brick is that almost anything goes,” said Walraven. “On the Bethany home we used English Chestnut stain on the front door and shutters.”

Villa Chase brick with rustic shutters

As a company, Walraven focuses on design-build services in which customers have a very active role in the process, including brick selection.  

Walraven Signature Homes building with Villa Chase

Danielle Walraven

“We start by asking what color they are leaning towards,” said Walraven. “We have many homes they can view in person to get an idea of what they like.

From there we set them up with our rep at Pine Hall Brick to look at all they have.”

Villa Chase brick entrance


Villa Chase brick works well with gray roof and trim

“If the customer likes a specific brick and mortar combination, Pine Hall Brick can show what that color combination looks like, as well as possibly show them pictures of previously built homes,” said Walraven.

As white brick continues to gain popularity, Villa Chase provides a gently weathered option with a clean line.

Villa Chase brick has a weathered look