As towns and cities revitalize their downtowns and historic districts, English Edge Full Range clay pavers prove their value with aesthetics, durability and color permanence. Now, Forest City, North Carolina has a beautiful new public space with English Edge clay pavers.

All photos courtesy of Douglas Hopper.

Douglas Hopper of Old Castle APG calls it his proudest work.

Forest City Pavilion on Park Square in Forest City, NC is proving to be a point of pride for the town’s 7,000 residents, too, with attractions like concerts, kids playing in the splash pad and holiday light exhibits.

“Folks have really flocked to it,” said Hopper.

It’s a new park at the site of the historic Florence Mill, with plans for eventual renovation, possibly as apartments or mixed use. There are 22,000 square feet of English Edge Full Range pavers laid in hardscape areas of an amphitheater, walkways, around a dramatic fountain and beside the splash pad. But this almost didn’t happen.

Forest City Pavillion on Park Square features a splash pad, popular with children and parents.

“The Florence Mill project started several years back and when it finally started to get momentum as a park, the original plan was for stamped concrete,” said Hopper.

That’s a downer if you sell brick. And it’s an inferior product when it comes to aesthetics, performance and color permanence. Over time, stamped concrete color, applied to the surface of the concrete, wears off. Maintenance is more difficult, too, because the hardscape is not segmental. Clay pavers can be individually removed and replaced as needed.

Hopper made the pitch to do it right with clay pavers. As a reference project he suggested the Old Castle paver job in the impressive downtown district in Spartanburg, SC. Hopper was also able to deliver a bid that met with the town’s fiscal oversight and won the day.

The installation of Pine Hall Brick pavers in Downtown Spartanburg, SC is a portfolio piece for Old Castle hardscapes.

General contractor, Smith Construction of Forest City did an amazing job on the hardscape installation, according to Hopper.

The results speak for themselves as the town has truly embraced the experience that the new park provides.

Florence Mill is a former woven cotton factory that has stood since 1892 and is currently being renovated for mixed use applications. The new park is adjacent and part of an encouraging urban development plan.

Clay pavers are the perfect complement to the 130-year-old brick structure and they’ll probably last just as long. So, choosing clay was a smart investment choice.