Ridgely Dubel had admired the 100-plus-year-old colonial revival house at 15 Clayton Street in Asheville, NC, which was just around the corner from her own home. When she learned it was to be demolished, Dubel took action, bought the home and converted into a charming five-room hotel christened as Bunn House.

Refurbishing the house for public hospitality included some significant landscaping to offer guests a relaxing residential experience in one of America’s most popular tourist destinations.

With a design that invites guests outdoors, the Bunn House grounds has Pine Hall Brick paver walkways, an ornate garden feature and a spacious patio with a stone fireplace. Sturdy picnic tables and chairs hearken to the craftsman style of turn-of-the-century Asheville.

The hotel is named for its builder who, as it turned out, was an English brick maker named Albert Bunn. As is often the case, clay pavers were specified to complement the legacy facebrick of the historic home that was built in 1905.

Carson Builders Supply in nearby Hendersonville provided the pavers and installer Jim Revis brought the stunning and inviting design to completion.

Bunn House is open year round. You should visit! For information and reservations, go to the hotel’s website, linked here.