Landscaping is a makeover this is a cost-efficient investment in home value. It also enhances enjoyment of your outdoor living space. Walkways, driveways and steps using clay pavers are as practical as they are beautiful.

The homeowner wanted better curb appeal for their steeply sloping lot.
—Christine Russell

In 2014, New Earth Designs completed this exterior home makeover to make the property more inviting to guests. Three years later the new hardscapes look like they were built with the home and will probably endure for generations.

An exterior makeover strategy

“The homeowner wanted to achieve a few things with the new walkways and landscaping,” says Christine Russell of New Earth Designs. “Since the old walkway connected at the top of the driveway, there wasn’t pedestrian access from the street.  Visitors had to make their way up a steep driveway and find the sidewalk, which wasn’t visible from the street.  Also, the old walkway needed better lighting.”

The new design connected a new paver walkway to the curb with a generous brick landing to welcome guests. The pavers, Pine Hall Brick English Edge Full Range, are a beautiful match for brick retaining walls supporting terraced landscaping.

Pine Hall Brick Full Range is a popular color choice because, being a blend of different shades of red, it’s so versatile and matches easily with existing brick of all kinds. It looks warm on frosty days and stays cooler than concrete in the summer. 

An old concrete walk gave way to a new paver path connecting to the driveway and complementing the legacy brick of the home. This was a perfect application for low-voltage lighting to aid visibility…and show off the rich mixture of reds in the English Edge pavers! 

The home is now well connected to its neighborhood. Guests feel special when they walk up the front path and nobody has to slip on a steep wet lawn.

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