When realtors listed this impressive Greek revival home, they described it as a Pine Hall Brick home. So naturally we thought we should feature its classic brick design.

Built in 2007 in Greensboro’s Irving Park neighborhood, the home looks like it could be one of the original residences. Irving Park began as a golf community in 1911. Old Yorktown brick, with its weathered finish, suits the location.

Classic brick made with modern techniques is the perfect choice for building in older neighborhoods.


It’s a “very brick” home.

The masonry work includes arched doorways, keystone windows and—in the back as part of a roomy portico—stately brick columns. The face brick is complemented with color coordinated Pathway Full Range clay pavers including an entrance pathway to the curb, masterfully crafted steps and a roomy patio in the backyard shade.

Bullnose brick gives steps a masterfully rounded finish.


There’s plenty of outdoor living space around back. Through a wrought iron gate on the driveway there’s a portico, a quaint garden shed and treehouse and patio just four steps down from French doors into the interior living room. The pavers extend the home with ideal space for entertaining guests or hosting play dates.

Greek revival style in a spacious portico with polished concrete banded by pavers sets a mood perfect for outdoor dinner parties and dancing.


Natural stone is a natural pairing with clay pavers. Even the shed has a tiny patio!


Outdoor fireplaces are safe and tidy on a paver patio in a beautiful herringbone pattern.


The paver patio is perfectly placed to benefit from the shade of the home.

This is an excellent example of brick curb appeal. The home could be mistaken for any of the legacy homes in Irving Park, built a century ago, but its interior modern floor plan and emphasis on active outdoor living space are perfect for a modern lifestyle.

Check out a Pine Hall Brick home

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