Brick patios have been a big part of Gary Springs’ 40+ year career. As a mason and owner of Greensboro Masonry, he’s built homes with brick and made brick additions. He’s also installed many a brick patio and walkway to expand the living space of homes, including his own.

Properly installed brick pavers and walls are a solid investment in home value because they’re durable. Brick not only stands up to the elements, but it also ages beautifully with minimal maintenance. No wonder real estate ads often call out any outdoor living spaces made with brick.

Brick Patio With Vintage Metal Lawn Furniture

Vintage metal lawn furniture and a fire pit make Gary Springs’ deck-side patio a fun outdoor room.

The two-level deck of Springs’ home, complete with a hot tub, is bordered by a brick walkway and a small patio contained with a Pine Hall Brick seat wall. Springs accessorized his patio with a vintage set of metal lawn chairs and a glider arranged around a portable fire pit

A serpentine paver path takes you from the patio to an elliptical patio built especially for a porch swing.

Living next to a brick mason has some advantages, too. Gary Springs’ backyard neighbor benefited from his skills with a tidy rounded patio under shade trees. A curved walkway connects it to the driveway and wood deck. It’s a relaxed and calming outdoor room, even on a scorching hot day.

Clay Pavers Become Part Of The Landscaping

Gary Springs’ Greensboro Masonry installed his neighbors’ outdoor room that starts with an expertly cut curved path and Pine Hall Brick retaining wall.

A curved retaining wall follows the walkway to the patio and creates a planting space next to the garage, a couple brick steps up from the patio.

Brick Patios Age Beautifully

As paver patios age they settle in to be part of nature. Gary Spings’ professional mortared installation has stood the test of time at his neighbors’ home.


Fire Pit On Brick Patio

Fire pits are popular accessories on brick patios. It’s a safer surface than wood decks for open fires or grilling.

Patios take on the personality of the homeowners. Like Springs’ patio, a fire pit is central to the neighbors’ space and in addition to folding lawn chairs there’s a cool wood and steel park bench that suits the establish neighborhood environment.

Springs installed his paver features and the neighbors’ over a dozen years ago. He prefers to set his pavers in mortar.

beautifully aged brick pathway

An aged Pine Hall Brick pathway defines Gary Springs’ back yard, connecting two patio areas.


Mortared Paver Path Connects Brick Patios

A curved pathway makes it easy to enjoy a garden.

An investment made a decade ago can help any home increase its resell value. It also adds to the beauty and enjoyment of the home for the owners. Maybe that’s more important than resale value. With cozy outdoor spaces like this, who wants to move?

Whimsical Paver Pathway To Brick Patio

Mason Gary Springs created a relaxing outdoor environment for his home.