Brick colors that capture the coast on Daniel Island

Classic low country interior window treatments look great with wrought iron railing and gaslight fixture on the portico of the Daniel Island home near Charleston.

Brick is a clay product made from shale, local to our region of North Carolina, but over the last century we’ve gotten good at
blending and firing clay to achieve wide range of brick colors. New home trends are leaning toward lighter colors and the traditional red brick—while still beautiful—is far from the only option.

We’ve even managed to capture the colors of the Carolina coast. And it’s a real honor to be featured in the summer issue of Charleston Style & Design in an amazing home on Daniel Island, South Carolina.

There are two important features in this story…


1) Brick colors give you lots of options—

Specifically, our Oyster Pearl brick has a color and texture that fits right in among sand dunes and tidal marshes. It’s a brick with a lot of variations in color and texture. We classify it as one of our white bricks, but you’ll see bits of pink and brown—seashell and driftwood?—and the surface is sandy to the touch.

brick colors that capture the coast

Oyster Pearl surface evokes sand, surf and shells.


2) You can meet coastal building codes with our brick

On Daniel Island, as in many beachfront communities, there are strict regulations on how much storm residential construction can handle. Architect Liz Baker of Translation Design Studio was able to meet or exceed the requirements for ground level construction in an area that prone to tropical storms and hurricanes and vulnerable to almost annual flooding.

Compass rose in brick driveway

The Liz Baker designed sweeping curved staircase on the Daniel Island home takes you to the first floor in a coastal setting where building codes require elevation and the ability to weather storm surge.


Build at the beach or bring it home

Charleston style home inland

Home owners sometimes want to bring the beach home. With Oyster Pearl and this unique “Charleston style” floor plan, they can

If you’re considering building near the coast, brick is an excellent choice aesthetically and structurally.

Or maybe you just love the beach and your want your far-inland home to capture some of the flavor. Our coastal themed brick—Oyster Pearl, Chesapeake Pearl, Old Charleston—are right at home in any part of the country. And we see a lot of new construction like this in our own backyard.

Indoor and outdoor fireplaces, perfect for a beach home.

Indoor and outdoor fireplaces, perfect for a beach home.

brick colors that evoke the coast