Green Industry Pros reports that after almost a century, Pine Hall Brick Company is re-introducing itself with a new logo, a new website and a new focus on the benefits of brick construction to today’s building professionals and consumer audience, as well.

The rebranding stresses authenticity, which Builder magazine reports is one of this year’s most important consumer trends and carries serious implications for home builders.

“The power and appeal of someone or something doing what he or she says it is going to do, performing as promised, meriting one’s trust, is hard to overstate,” writes John McManus in Builder magazine.


ADA compliant pavers just out of the kiln at our Madison, NC, paver plant.

And what’s more authentic than brick? It’s a centuries-old material from the most basic elements: earth, water and fire. But we continue to advance the process to provide innovations in styles and finishes, as well as a continually expanding spectrum of color.

Clay pavers fall in for inspection. The numbers indicate the placement on the car that takes them through the kiln.


Authentic clay pavers! In this case, Rumbled™ to look aged.

The new website provides information for both consumers and the building trade, including two extensive blogs with ideas and inspirations. Builders, masons and installers are encouraged to share the information to help sell brick and paver projects.

The website‘s home page centers on the idea that brick is better with hero images of buildings, residences and streets that were built using Pine Hall Brick products presented, each with a one-word description:  Beautiful. Coveted. Creative. Durable. The new logo has an updated version of the company’s signature basket-weave brick pattern, with a modern typestyle for the company name and the new tagline: Build Your Dreams.

Visitors can learn about brick construction, review products that are available, from face brick to conventional pavers to StormPave® permeable pavers, and find the nearest location where they can purchase the products.