Gray Mortar

Old Yorktown

North Carolina Plant Offers the random handmade appearance that only comes with the true tumbling process.  This brick captures the rugged look and feel texture of wood molding by 18th-century master brickmakers. Old Yorktown:  A classic red sand finished brick with dark brick accents. Tech Note #28 – Brick Veneer/Wood Stud Walls

Old Yorktown Thin Clad

North Carolina Plant Old Yorktown Thin Clad is an all time classic.  This tumbled thin brick has dark flashed brick with hits of gray.  Old Yorktown captures the rugged look and feel of wood molded brick made in the 18th Century. Download Thin Brick Brochure Thin Brick Tech Note

Lighter colored brick goes with a wide range of accent colors

When building a new home, lighter colored brick gives you a wider range of choices in accent colors and materials, according to builder Brian Disney. He just completed his own home and we spoke with him about how he designs and guides his clients. Brian Disney has first-hand experience with the physical work of home […]